JAKS Chris Clark


Join us for SLIFF Opening Night

SLIFF kicks off with “Deep Web” by former St. Louisan, Alex Winter (Of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and will screen an unprecedented 447 films from 70 countries.

The opening reception has free beer provided by Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., Free Maddelena Wine and a  special craft cocktail from Spirits of St. Louis Distillery.

With music by Whoa Thunder

The Reception starts at 6pm

The Film begins at 7:30 pm



You can find them on all the Social Media @

Facebook it is https://www.facebook.com/StLouisInternationalFilmFestival

Twitter @stlfilmfest

And the personal website http://www.cinemastlouis.org/about-festival

Instagram #stlfilmfest

Click the link to get the whole scoop:


Also let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on the episode as well as what you would like to be heard. Anything from conversation topics, people you would like to hear on the radio, bands you think we might not know of, or well anything else. Just leave it in the comments below and I will see what I can do. Thanks again for looking at all of the things in not only this but on the home page as well. Please head down to the bottom of the page to see more as well as hit some of the topics at the top to check out more.

Til next time boys and girls this is producer Kat Signing off.

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